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Lessons for all ages and experience

Learn for fun, or to pass an exam

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A charitable trust etablished for over 120 years

Music lessons for all instruments
together with singing, music theory and composition

Whether you’re a beginner, or an experienced musician, the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama offers expert tuition for almost every musical instrument, for both adults and children in a friendly, relaxed environment.



Do you want to play just for the love of it, or are you looking for individual tuition to help you pass your music exams? The Yorkshire College of Music and Drama will tailor lessons to suit your ambition. The most popular lessons at the moment being guitar, piano, clarinet and recorder.

In addition to the instruments, we provide lessons for all levels of singing. Together with music theory and music composition we aim to cover all aspects of music training.

As well as providing individual tuition, there are also several group classes and from time to time special workshops and concerts.

Maybe you want to learn to play the guitar, or learn to play the piano?… have music lessons for the saxophone, clarinet, violin, recorder, flute… or perhaps you want singing lessons, or learn about music theory?… either individual lessons, or in a group class?

Which ever instrument, or area of music you wish to pursue, please call the YCMD for the very latest information. We aim to do all we can to accommodate your music learning requirement.

The YCMD provides guitar lessons for all grades, from beginners upwards

The YCMD provides keyboard lessons for all grades, from beginners upwards

The YCMD provides tuition in the theory and composition of music for all levels of musical experience

The YCMD provides singing lessons for all abilities and experience, from beginners upwards

The YCMD provides lessons in string instruments for all grades, from beginners upwards

The YCMD provides woodwind instrument lessons for all grades, from beginners upwards

Whatever level, or instrument you play, or want to play,
we have the right lesson for you!


There’s no need to enrol for a full year – just come along for at least 3 lessons and see how you like it. Simply call in, phone, email or use our contact page, telling us what lessons you would like and we will give you all the information you need.


The charitable aims of the Yorkshire College of Music & Drama include working in the community to bring music, and the love of playing and singing, to disadvantaged groups who would not normally be able to access music – lessons, participation and appreciation.

We work with schools which haven’t the budget or staff to provide music lessons for their pupils. We aim to engage with a wide range of groups such as the elderly, the young, people with physical or learning difficulties and groups of socially or physically excluded people so they can enjoy the pleasure of music by simply listening or, hopefully joining in.


The initial consultation lesson with your preferred teacher is charged at the normal lesson rate.

However, if you then book 3 more lessons, we will waver the cost of the consultation lesson and a free lesson will be added to your term.


We are a non-profit making charitable trust, registered with the Charity Commission no. 0529220, run by a Board of Trustees on a voluntary basis