The guitar is a magical instrument – play it well and even the geekiest of us can come across as verifiable Rock Gods.

The guitar can make us cool, like possibly no other instrument can. Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jimmy Page – all ultra cool guys. Legends in fact. All made great by their skills on the guitar.

Becoming magnetic to the opposite sex or a rock God are just two major benefits of learning the guitar. Here are 5 more reasons you should consider learning to play the guitar…

1. It will Improve Your Memory and Concentration

Of course old dogs can learn new tricks. You need to focus on what your fingers are doing – on both hands – and read the music all at the same time. It will take practice and concentration, both things that stimulate your brain and have a positive impact on your cognitive and muscle memory. Keep you brain active and there are many studies to show that you keep it young.

2. It will Improve Your Multitasking Skills

Instruments like the piano and guitar are proven to improve multitasking abilities. Playing the guitar is a bit like that old trick of rubbing your tummy whilst patting your head. It seems impossible at first, but given a bit of practice, you find yourself able to do it without thinking too hard about it. To play the guitar you have to coordinate different physical actions all at the same time. Pretty soon, you will be able to do all this at the same time:

  • Read guitar TABS and scores
  • Create chord shapes with your hands
  • Recognize what strings play what notes
  • Read ahead for upcoming notes
  • Listen and analyze the sounds that are made in real time
  • Keep time

It’s like riding a bike. Once you’ve mastered the basics, they never leave you. You just need to clean off the rust to shine again.

3.  It Will Relieve Stress and Boost Your Creativity

Music has been proven in many studies to have a positive impact on mental health and stress. You might find that playing a guitar just helps you with your work/life balance, or thrashing out some heavy metal riffs may well help to release the built up tension after a hard day. Playing guitar not only relieves stress but stimulates the creative side of your brain – a double whammy of benefits!

4. It Can Improve Your Health

Did you know that playing guitar helps to build arm, wrist and forearm strength? Muscle-tone is vital to keep us strong and healthy as we get older.

Did you also know that playing the guitar helps to lower blood pressure and anxiety?

It’s true! Harvard Health conducted a study that showed that power ballads and love songs can help to reduce anxiety and nerves. So, dig out the guitar TABS to Foreigner and Marillion and feel your blood pressure start to come down.

5. It’s Fun!

There may be all these studies that talk about music being good for us. About how it helps our mental health, how it helps tackle loneliness, how it helps our intelligence and resilience. But, the biggest and most important factor is that it’s fun! And, if it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, what are you waiting for?

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