Those of us privileged enough to be involved in teaching others, should never underestimate the impact we have on our students.

We recently received a lovely letter from an ex-pupil who was thanking us for helping her to feel “amazing” and for fulfilling a dream of learning to play an instrument.

Every so often we get feedback like this and it is genuinely thrilling to know that we have made a difference to someone’s life.

It got us to thinking about teaching. We all remember our favourite teacher – he or she is perched high upon a pedestal in our memory. But why? What makes a good teacher a great teacher?

We have a number of “great” teachers here at the college, so we think we have the inside scoop on this one. Here are the 5 main attributes we think make an inspirational, memorable and effective teacher.

Great Teachers…

  • 1. Great Teachers Are Masters of Their Subject

Good teachers know their subject matter. Great teachers are masters of their subject. Great teachers are passionate about their subject and they instill a hunger for learning through their own enthusiasm, knowledge and skill.

  • 2. Great Teachers Encourage Deeper Learning

Great teachers encourage students to ask questions, to delve deeper into a subject, to not accept common beliefs but to challenge them and examine new ideas and concepts. Great teachers recognize when a student needs to be challenged and pushed beyond the standard curriculum and support individuals in their exploration of discovery and learning.

  • 3. Great Teachers Will Find a Way to Connect

Not all students learn at the same pace, or in the same way. A great teacher will find a way to connect with each individual student. They will go above and beyond what is required to stimulate imagination, interest and a desire to learn.

  • 4. Great Teachers Instill Confidence

Great teachers believe in their students and are able to teach a student to believe in themselves. They encourage students to go beyond their own self-limitations and reward achievement with encouragement and reassurance.

  • 5. Great Teachers Value Respect

Great teachers respect their students. Every opinion is valid and valued and so students feel safe and confident enough to ask questions, listen to others and gain a wider and more diverse understanding of the world.

If your lifelong dream is to learn to play an instrument, or you’d love to pick up an instrument you haven’t had time to play for years, then please do get in touch. To find out about group or individual music lessons, please contact Dagmar on 0113 243 1605 or email:


Asta’s Words

Asta recently returned to her native Lithuania and a snippet of her heart-felt and beautiful letter are detailed below:

Firstly, I will start with the word Thank You.
Thank You for an amazing teacher Rod Tailor who patiently taught me how to hold the violin 
Thank You for an amazing atmosphere before the lesson.
Thank You that because of this amazing college my biggest wish come true: To play a musical instrument.
Thank You that your college was the main thing in these years that made me very happy and full fill very big hole in my heart.
Thank You for amazing secretary Dagmar, she all the times was so helpful and because of her my time before lessons became more joyful.
Thank You for principal Tim Knight who all the time was waiting for my coming to the lesson and I felt that I am very welcome and wanted to come back again and again.

Secondly, because just of this wonderful college and all the knowledge they gave to me I feel amazing and my life becomes even better.
Love all that music I played.
Love all these 30 minutes I spend learning new things.
Love all the moments I spend an amazing environment.